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Your CHOICE OF A DENTIST makes a BIG DIFFERENCE! Your very first visit to us will prove it or you can ask some of our patients. They will talk highly of our services
We are dedicated professionals designed to help you with your dental needs.
Our No.1 priority is to provide quality, comfortable and strongly recommendable services which all our patients could always be proud about.
We are conveniently located at 2024 N King St. suite 101a, Honolulu, HI 96819.
We are easy to find in Kalihi or in Honolulu, and we are accessible by bus from all directions of Oahu. We have ample free parking spaces . These are just a few of our given advantages as a dental well being provider.

Our Missiontoothbrush

We are en route to deliver dental fitness, preventive care, and alluring smiles to everyone we
could reach in Hawaii and elsewhere. We will work hard to achieve higher goals with this objective. It could be your best smile, your simple gaps in between incisors, your bruxing or grinding teeth, a sore gum or your unbearable toothache.
…Nobody could come close to our gentle, caring and painless approaches in our treatment procedures.

Inclusive of our commitment is to make as many people in Hawaii be well informed about their choices in their oral health and aesthetic possibilities. Inside our minds and deep inside our hearts, we always desire to give our patients the best quality choices and outcomes. We always go above and beyond regular dental services.


Insurance and
financial policies

We readily take insurance
Companies as follows:

  • HDS, Hawaii Dental Services
  • HMSA, Hawaii Medical Services Association
  • HMAA
  • United Concordia, Tricare
  • MetLife

Other insurance providers who we could possibly coordinate with. We will make updates in this website.

Please be aware that insurance plans could have different coverages. Check ups and cleanings are mostly covered at 100%. X rays, fillings, extraction, restorations, periodontal therapy, endodontics, are generally covered at 70 % by the insurance providers.

Our SDFDi ServicesDental equipment icon

Cosmetic Dentistry:
Veneers-porcelain or composite whitening
Teeth colored fillings or bonding
Invisalign or Clear Braces

Composite and amalgam fillings

Periodontal Therapy:
Gum treatment
Night guardsDigital X-rays
Caries Prevention or Sealants, Fluoride treatment
Crowns and Bridges
Root Canal Therapy
Gum Treatment
Pain Free Anesthesia

Checking teeth with mirror

reasons you
would prefer us

  • We are committed to deliver ultimate quality service.
  • We provide free check ups and X-rays, and great discounts to the uninsured.
  • We have ample free parking.
  • We speak Tagalog y poquito espanol.

Overall, we go above and beyond services you can normally find in the vicinity or other areas in Hawaii. Give us a try and enjoy a wonderful experience with our professionals.


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